Notice is given for participation in the Proceedings reserved for four selected people to the TOP MASTER IN COMMUNICATION OF THE MEDITERRANEAN MACRO-REGION. It will start September, 15 2023, with total exemption of fees.

Applications must be submitted with a curriculum by September 05 2023.
THE TOP MASTER IN COMMUNICATION OF THE MEDITERRANEAN MACRO-REGION is not a course, but a path of activities with the advanced learning action formula by elaborating texts published on the Mediterranean macro-region site. Physical presence is not required.
The emails that require feedback in the object, must be checked within the deadline precisely, which equals the physical presence.
For this edition the organizing bodies of the Top Master in Communication of the Mediterranean Macro-region are Il Laboratorio Privacy Sviluppo, International Institute and the European Research Academy (which organized Historical Programs in European Union Law), together with the Mediterranean macro-region. The master takes place with the formula of learning action; because of the commitment required in the telematics, physical presence is not necessary.
You need to carry out all activities required and check out the emails that require a feedback promptly and precisely. A non-response to such emails, considered as an absence, will lead to a self-exclusion from the TOP MASTER, because we cannot go on.
The duration of the TOP MASTER IN COMMUNICATION OF THE MEDITERRANEAN MACRO-REGION is six months of actual participation.
The TOP MASTER IN COMMUNICATION OF THE MEDITERRANEAN MACRO-REGION is suspended from December 15 2023 to 15 January 2024.
At the end of the semester the organizing bodies will award a prestigious parchment certificate in TOP MASTER IN COMMUNICATION OF THE MEDITERRANEAN MACRO-REGION.
The title is also valid for the access, with preference and precedence, to Procedures for roles in the Mediterranean Macro-Region or in other international roles.
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